We are only young once and it is so important to use our imaginations and foster creativity when we are young. We believe that exercising our imaginations is just as important as exercising our bodies.

When I was 2, my mother enrolled me in England in a strict ballet school. You know the one I mean; A dance uniform with a specific color leotard for each level with a patch on it which said what level in exams you had achieved. Guess what…my leotard was BLUE! What, blue? I’m a pink girl! I was then and still am now. It was a studio that with it’s rigidity stifled my need to go on magical journeys with sugar plum faeries, and mermaids. So at the tender age of 8 I quit dance. Shocker! I can’t imagine my life without dance, and how different my life would be now if I hadn’t had dance in my life. It would have been incomplete.

Luckily my mother realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t love dance, but that I needed a studio that filled my soul, boosted my confidence and gave me loads of opportunities to dance. Yes, this very shy child who wouldn’t say boo to a goose fell in love with performing. I fell in love with dance and the stage was my best friend.

I have lovingly spent many years developing our curriculum and the philosophy behind it. To explore dance in a fun, creative way while always remembering that anything we do in the studio should always keep dance at the forefront. There are so many fun and innovative ways to keep the focus on dance and go along on these amazing and delightful journeys together.

(I still have that tiny blue leotard today. It is a reminder of where I started and why my teaching style is so different.)