Tutu Cute's Philosophy - Let them be little

Tutu Cute Dance Philosophy

Philosophy - Exercise your imagination

Our teaching philosophy at Tutu Cute Dance is clear: use the natural imagination and inquisitiveness of young children as an aid to teach dance.  We explore and stretch our imaginations as much as our toes, as we explore make believe lands of unicorns and rainbows, and tip toe around puddles, leaping like frogs.  We are Princesses, Sugar Plum Fairies, Angels and Mermaids as we undertake fantastic journeys together.  When we return home we are full of happiness and the joy that dancing in magical places brings. A class at Tutu Cute is so mcuh more than just dance; it is an experience.

The focus of every class is always centered on dance; the technique of how to plié , how to put feet in first position, and how to relevé.  We teach dance in such an engaging way that it instills a love of the Art in young hearts that lasts a lifetime. When you find the passion first, the rest follows. We have a pact: let them be little…. for as long as they want.