Terms and Conditions

1. Tuition Fee Policy (for full year program)

I understand that tuition payment is due on the first business day of each month, one month in advance. Tuition is calculated on an annual basis, and is payable in 10 convenient monthly installments from August to May. A valid Credit or Debit Card is required at the time of registration, and this card will be charged automatically on the first business day of each month for your full account balance. A 10% discount is offered for annual tuition fees paid in full at the start of the year. There is no refund on tuition paid in full

2. Late Fee Policy

I am aware that a late fee of $10 per month per Student is payable for fees not paid within one week of the payment due date. If an automatic payment is declined, I will be informed of the declined transaction and have 7 days to make alternate payment arrangements before a late fee is charged.

3. Withdrawal from the Program

I understand that withdrawal from the program requires 4 weeks written notice. I will pay regular tuition during that notice period. I will continue to be liable for tuition fees until the end of the notice period or until the end of the current Dance Season, whichever comes first. There is no prorating of tuition fees. All recital participation fees and costume deposits and are not refundable. Costumes are only ordered for active students.

4. Liability Release

I have enrolled the above-mentioned student in a program of strenuous physical activity offered by Tutu Cute Dance. In consideration of myself, and the above-named person’s participation in this studio, I for myself, my heirs and assigns, hereby release Tutu Cute Dance, the owner/director, Caroline Browning, her family, employees or contractors from any liability now or in the future from any injury, however caused, occurring before, during or after participation in the above-stated programs offered at Tutu Cute Dance, or at any time while in the vicinity of the premises of the above-stated business or in any activity sponsored, represented or organized by Tutu Cute Dance.

5. Talent Release

I release the ownership and usage rights of any digital image of the above-mentioned guest, including video and still photography, taken by or on behalf of Tutu Cute Dance , and permit these images to be used in marketing and promotional materials by: Tutu Cute Dance , other entities owned by Caroline Browning and the photographer taking the images.

6. Returned Check Policy

I agree to pay a fee of $35.00 if a check passed for payment to Tutu Cute Dance by me is returned by my bank unpaid.