Starting dance classes is an exciting time for both the parents and child. Dance classes are beneficial fostering positive self-esteem, poise, rhythm and self confidence. Many of our students just fall in love with our studio and their dance classes instantly, however we know that there are parents that are secretly anxious about starting at a new studio, as they know that their child is shy and anxious.

At Tutu Cute Dance we pride ourselves at creating a warm, friendly and nurturing atmosphere. Our teachers are trained to meet the student where they are at. If your child is shy, it is completely normal, and we have several ways we work with it. Firstly, it’s okay to be shy, and for a child to be somewhat reluctant to join in with the class straight away. Children learn at different paces, and your child may need time to adjust to a new teacher, new friends and a new environment. I can promise you that your child justs needs a little time for what’s going on in class to percolate.

Our teachers will keep on encouraging the child to stay in the studio and to participate. Some activities she may find more engaging, and believe me, we have loads of “ice-breaking” activities for the students. Please be assured that there are many new students that take a few weeks to warm up. It’s completely normal. There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you observe all the other children participating and yours isn’t. She will get there, and more than likely surprise everyone, because as she’s standing there observing she is absorbing all that information, so when she’s ready she’ll amaze you with her abilities.

What if my child cries?

This is rarer, but not unheard of. Our teacher will try to do everything in her power to put a smile on your child’s face. We really try not to have children go out of the studio,but if your child needs reassurance, we’ll allow her to come out to the waiting room for a quick reassuring hug. Please encourage your child to return immediately as every time a student goes in or out of the studio it disrupts the class. If your child really needs you, then please feel free to come in and encourage your child to know that if you stay in the studio, you’d love to see them dance. Together we can help your child overcome those initial fears and make her first dancing experience a huge success!

How can you as a parent help prepare your child?

Talk to your child about dance class, maybe show them some of the videos on our website. Bring them to our Open House, let us get them super excited when they get fitted for their first pair of dance shoes. They are going to love their dance experience with us, and we can’t wait to get to meet and teach them. What an amazing journey we are going to go on this year.