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Tutu Cute Pricing

Philosophy - Exercise your imagination
Our Pricing at Tutu Cute Dance is designed to be transparent and predictable, with no hidden fees.  This means that you can easily work out your expected costs for the whole year of dance ahead of time.  Many Studios do not publish their fees, but we want you to know exactly what your commitment is going to be.  However, we also want you to know that you are going to get an amazing return for your investment.  Your little dancer will absolutely love coming to dance class every week, and she’ll love practicing all her steps at home each week.  Most of all she will delight and amaze you with her performances on stage! *Terms and Conditions

Pricing for our 2020-2021 Dance Season (August through May)

Number of Classes per WeekMonthly Price (AutoPay by Card on the 1st of each month through May)
Annual Registration Fee (per dancer, max $60/family)$30
Semi-Private Class (30 Minutes, Based on 3 students Attending)$90

Pricing for Performances & Costumes

All our Performances are optional.  Dance is a Performance Art, and we strongly encourage your dancer to take part in all our Performances.  Even the youngest dancers love performing on stage.  Your card will be charged automatically for the Performance Fees on the dates indicated, but can can opt out of a Performance.  Please let us know in writing before the Performance Fee is charged to your card.  *Terms and Conditions

Due DateDescriptionPrice
September 1Spring Recital Costume Deposit (per Costume)$50
October 1Holiday Celebration Fee (includes Costume Accessory or T-shirt, etc) per Student$50
December 1Spring Recital Costume Balance per Costume$25
March 1Spring Recital Participation Fee (includes Dancer Ticket and DVD) per Student$50
April 17Spring Recital Tickets on Sale!$15 per ticket

Pricing for Shoes and Dancewear

All Tutu Cute locations carry all the shoes and dancewear your little dancer requires for class. Because we dedicate ourselves to dancers up to 8 years old, we have a great selection of shoes and leotards in smaller sizes. You may purchase your dancewear anywhere, but you will find that our selection and pricing is comparable to online shopping!  *Terms and Conditions

Item Price
Ballet Slippers (Full Sole Pink Leather with flower print lining) $19.99
Tap Shoes (U-Shell Tap in Light Tan) $32.99
Skirted Leotards (we have an amazing selection of colors and styles in 2T – 8T sizes) $23.99 – $34.99
Revolution Brand Footed Tights (Prima Pink for Ballet, Dark Tan for Tap) $7.50