2019-20 Season


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Summer Camp

Register here for our 2019-20 Season!  Classes run the week of August 20th through May 2020, with breaks for vacations (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break).

You’ll be the proudest parents as you watch her perform in 2 beautiful productions during the year: our delightful Tutu Sweet Nutcracker during the Holiday Season and the end of season Recital in May.

The secret to success with our custom curriculum is that it is designed with the developmental stages of the child in mind. It is created to match our students developmentally, with the correct balance of fun, creativity and structure.  Imagine your child’s delight as they explore our gorgeous monthly themes such as Garden Tea Party, Frozen, the Circus, Rainbows & Butterflies and the Sugar Plum Fairy’s Nutcracker. The theme changes monthly but the basic class structure stays the same, keeping dancers engaged in class as they develop their technique almost subconsciously while sparking their imagination and curiosity.

You can view the pricing for our classes here.  Pricing is straightforward; all classes are priced the same, and we offer great discounts for multiple classes.  No need to remember to pay for dance each month; we’ll charge your Card automatically!

Dance with Me (18 – 35 months)

Dance with Me is an interactive class between you, the child, and the teacher. Each class is a magical adventure.  At Tutu Cute Dance we believe in exercising our minds as much as our bodies. We believe that all things are possible. We believe in magic dust and fairy tales. Most of all we believe in making her first dance experience fun and memorable! She will be learning to dance while developing fine and gross motor skills. A caregiver is required to be present and participate in this class.

Princess Ballerinas (3 years )

This is the perfect class for all Princes and Princesses who love to twirl and dance. Their confidence will blossom as they build coordination, develop motor skills and expand their social interaction.  Your child will sparkle in our delightful classes as they learn the basics of ballet in a creative and imaginative way.  They’ll be learning dance technique without even realizing it!  Before long they’ll be showing you how they plié, arabesque and jeté.  See their wide smiles as they can’t wait until “next ballet day” to be part of it all again.

Petite Ballerinas (4 years)

At this age we still infuse our classes with imaginative fun and explore dance in an exciting way. Your child will be so focused on enjoying having fun dancing that she won’t even realize she is gaining a solid foundation in dance. We’ll give her a perfectly balanced dance experience with the right amount of technique mixed with loads of fun and creativity. She’ll be wishing that every day is dance day!

Prima Ballerinas (5+ years)

You are never too old to wear a tutu!  Our 5 to 8 year olds get to cherish their childhood, twirl and explore dance adventures with us while still developing a firm foundation in dance.  When she is ready to graduate from Tutu Cute Dance she will be ahead of her peers in technique and will have a love of dance in her heart.

Tutu Taps

Tutu Taps opens up a whole new world of dancing and fun. Your child will sparkle in our tap classes that teach tap in a creative and imaginative way. All that movin’ and tappin’ cultivates rhythmic awareness and we’ll keep them active and learning the entire class. Tap is a great compliment to a ballet class.

Tutu Bop

Your little dancer will love the up-tempo pace of Tutu Bop. She’ll learn Jazz and Hip Hop technique to the beat of popular music. We encourage dancers to take Tutu Bop in addition to a ballet or tap class.